Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pain & Progress

So as some of you may have heard, my brother James (aka, Jimmy Trigger) has become aquainted with some pretty influencial metal musicians in past few months.
He is now the lead singer of a band called Pain & Progress. He's been over to the states to record with them. So, so far so good. The line up of the band includes Roy Mayorga. Roy is the current drummer of Stone Sour. For those of you who don't know Stone Sour, they wrote the song Bother which was used in the 1st Spider Man movie soundtrack. On guitar is Mark B-Blunt. The last project that Mark worked on was with Ugly Kid Joe's Whitfield Crane and Soulfly's Logan Mader in their band called Medication. None of Pain & Progress's tracks are available just yet, but you can keep an eye out if you visit their myspace @
This image was done by the same artists who designed Jerry Cantrell's Album cover for Degradation Trip. Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains that is.
Watch me name drop!
Super proud so I am!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lad, the kiss take.

For those of you who have seen Jack and I's film Lad!

You may have noticed that we kiss in the film, on the lips.

This is the full take of the kiss that was used in the film. Jack and I discussed the take very briefly before doing it and it was only straight after the kiss that we realised what were actually doing!

Check out the full take here.

Taste's Poppin

This is so hot. If you want to see more of Bingy-Gingy-Jack, Dial 1850 69 69 69. Cum on boyz. xxx



Got this idea when I was unpacking my clean clothes.

Love that smell.


I edited this ridiculous film and it won us 1st prize in the YIFM Caffeine Film Festival. That'll teach all those younger, less experienced film makers to mess with us! Such a shameful victory. Oh well, 12 hours of film/fun making and this is the result. I believe it's already been pulled from several websites for copyright infringment. Just goes to show, Don't f*ck with the Dire Straits.

So until it get's yanked from this site too, Enjoy!